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What you love about Babywearing

There’s so much to love about babywearing and it was SO EXCITING to read through what YOU our customers love about babywearing in our recent competition ‘WIN Anything in Store’. Thanks to all of you for entering!

So without further ado, here’s the TOP things you LOVE about babywearing:

1.“It keeps my baby close to me”

This is the number one reason I rock a sling or a carrier, because I want them good feels ALL day long. Did you know that when a mother smells her offspring, a pheromone is released which strengthens the maternal bond? Mothers also produce oddles of the love hormone ‘oxytocin’ while holding or feeding bubs. So it goes without saying that babywearing is scientifically proven to benefit both mum and bub. Babywear for the win I say!

“I love baby wearing because nothing beats the closeness of your baby snuggled up and fast asleep on you. With a 2.5 year old to chase around also there isn’t a lot of time to sit and enjoy the special moments. Baby wearing let’s me have the best of both worlds!”

Boba Wrap


2.“I can get stuff done WHILE holding baby”

So many of you are fans of babywearing because it enables you to DO MORE while holding your baby close. It’s no secret that bubbas can be ESPECIALLY clingy throughout the day. Wearing your baby throughout means you can tackle those pesky chores, scroll through Facebook or even catch up on some reading while your bub is happy and content. For mummas of two or more, wearing one while chasing the other one around just makes sense!

“I love baby wearing because it means I can get stuff done while keeping my baby happy!!”


Chekoh Grey Stripe


3.“It’s easier than a pram!”

Yes I hear you loud and clear here. Battling the shops in a bulky pram with a screaming bub has nightmare written all over it! Cue babywearing. Breeze through those too small aisles, cruise in and out of cafes and enjoy hands free shopping all while keeping bubs happy. AND, it’s a nice little workout for those abs. Need I say more?

“I love baby wearing as it is such a natural choice of transport for our children that has happened since the beginning of time. It allows a special bond and closeness and allows you to go out and about with ease.”

“The convenience of baby wearing over pushing around a pram and getting him in and out of the pram really appeals to me. Especially with a toddler to chase after!”

So what about your preferred carriers?

So many of you embraced our new Beco range, which was awesome to see!

“If I was ever so fortunate to win I would love to receive the beco toddler carrier in twilight, oh wow it’s so pretty! I love the closeness and convenience of baby wearing so much that even if I don’t have a great carrier for my little one’s size at the moment I still find myself carrying him.”


Beco Toddler Carrier

Beco have released a much anticipated toddler range which many of you are oogling over. Yes, that’s right a TODDLER range. You can now carry up to 27kg worth of toddler in style.

Another stand out product was the Manduca. I must say, I’m quite partial to their range as they’re such a smooth wear, weight is distributed evenly and it’s the ultimate in comfort for little ones. It’s a carrier that will grow with you. I used mine with Samuel from the moment he was born and I STILL use it daily.

Manduca Carrier

“I’d love to try a Manduca in petrol/navy. I’ve tried the Ergo and it’s not quite right! Babywearing is a must when you’ve got reflux babies like ours! Especially when number 2 has it worse than the first!”

“I would love to win a Manduca mandala. I didn’t baby wear with my daughter. I’m currently pregnant with my second bub and would love to get into baby wearing.”

Of course, many of you loved our wraps and ring slings too but I’ve run out of room and let’s be honest, I could talk about this subject all day! It’s such a delight to have such engaged customers, thanks for your support of my little biz!

Yours in all things babywearing,

Kiley x


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