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On-The-Go Parent Hacks for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers

On-The-Go Parent Hacks for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers

So as a mamma to an infant AND a toddler, I’ve picked up a few parenting hacks along the way. Yes, every baby is different and responds differently to alternative parenting techniques BUT these ones have worked for me. I’ve sourced and compiled MY top parenting hacks to help you remain semi-sane through each stage.

Newborn (0-2 Months) 

Sometimes referred to as a hot mess of delirium where mothers wish baby was STILL tucked safely in the womb so multiple wakings and feedings could disappear. While the first few months of a babies life are beyond exhausting, they are also the BEST time to establish a strong, long-lasting bond with your new addition. Here are a few little newborn parenting hacks I’ve picked up along the way:

  • GAS is an unfortunate reality of having a newborn and it can cause your little bub quite a bit of discomfort. For a natural remedy, take their legs and move them as if they were riding a bicycle making sure their legs press gently on their tummy.
  • SLEEP, newborns need lots of sleep despite what they may think! Ideally, a newborn should sleep every 90 minutes so try to get them down then to avoid them being overtired. Overtired babies are MUCH harder to settle.
  • TAG TEAM if you can. Ask your partner to help through the night by assisting with nappy changes. That way you can get some sort of sleep.
  • CARRY them wherever you go. This will help your baby feel safe and secure and may even give your aching arms a little rest. We recommend wrap carriers to begin your babywearing journey.  We have a range of wraps in SO MANY styles and colours. We stock ChekohMobyBoba, Hug-a-Bub and By Kay. 
  • CELEBRATE MILESTONES no matter how insignificant. Our Inappropriate Milestone Cards are hilarious and will capture all the important moments like ‘Today I peed on Mum’. Gold.

Chekoh Wrap Carrier



Infant (2 – 12 Months) 

This is when the harsh reality of mum life well and truly sets in (cue longing for clean hair and a night on the town), but it’s also when the love for your little one grows more than you ever imagined. You also (somehow) fall into that magical mum groove where you truly get the hang of it.

  • PLAY is essential for infant development and it’s a great way to keep your little one busy throughout the day. While it may not seem like they respond to much (especially the younger ones), they take in more than you know. So read books, sing songs, roll around on a play mat, just HAVE FUN!
  • ORGANISATION is key to get out and about with ease. We recommend a fab nappy change wallet to make those on the go nappy changes as effortless as possible.
  • GO OUTSIDE in the afternoons. For some reason, babies start going crazy at about 4pm each day and the fresh air seems to calm them. I love taking Samuel for a hike in the BabyBjorn One Outdoors Carrier. 

Toddler (13 – 36 Months)

Hmmm, the toddler years. What can we say? Your little angel face somehow turns into Lucifer, forgets how to sleep and your life as an unpaid servant kicks in. Along with the emergence of never-ending tantrums, so too does the emergence of a unique little personality that grows stronger with every passing day.

  • ACTIVITY is really important for toddlers. Tiring them out is half the battle. I often take Hamish down to the park with a ball and let him run wild. Or just lock him outside…I’m kidding…I keep the door unlocked!
  • ADVENTURES are key and really, everything is an adventure for a toddler. Even grocery shopping. I love the Nuby Shopping and High Chair Covers because they keep them buckled in. A secure toddler = happy mum.
  • CARRY them, yup we’ve even got carriers especially designed for toddlers. The Beco Toddler Carrier will happily fit a toddler up to 27kg. Again, secure toddler = winning!

Beco Toddler Plus One

If all else fails, WINE is always the answer. At the end of a long day there is no better remedy.

Yours in all things baby wearing

Kiley x