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FAQ – Boba

The Boba 4G Carrier is not intended for forward facing. The Boba carrier is designed to comfortably carry babies in a physiological manner, oriented toward the carrying individual (either on the front or on the back) with baby’s legs supported in a flexed abducted (froglike) position.

All the outer fabric, the panel and the batting used for the Boba Organic collection is 100% certified organic cotton. All organic cotton used meets or exceeds the Organic Exchange 100 and/or GOTS standards. We also use standard recyclable packaging. Boba Carriers are made with the highest quality natural brushed cotton fabrics and 100% cotton batting.

The Boba 4G Baby Carrier comes only in one size. It is designed to fit most parents between 5 and 6’3 feet tall for comfortable and safe baby wearing.

Yes. We recommend that you spot clean regularly. Machine wash on cold cycle with a mild detergent only when necessary. Air Dry.

Moms do safely wear their carriers with no problem through pregnancy-some up until the end. Yet, some complain that the belt places pressure on the bladder. It all boils down to personal preference. Ask your doctor or midwife and use your intuition. A wrap may be a better alternative as the fabric can be spread wide and is more flexible and soft.

The Boba 4G baby carrier is a soft structured carrier. There are no buttons, snaps, or poles. It is essentially made from a piece of rectangular fabric with foam shoulder straps and a foam waistbelt. Framed backpacks are bulky and although most do offer a great view for your little one, it throws the carrying individual’s center of gravity off as the weight distribution is shifted higher, more toward the upper back. The Boba 4G carrier distributes the weight of your little one to your shoulders and waist. Most often framed backpacks don’t have much of a seat, and instead have leg holes. This means that most of your child’s weight is resting on the strip of fabric between the leg holes. The optimal leg support of the Boba 4G baby carrier, backed by the foot straps, ensures the proper seated position for the support of your little ones’ hips, pelvis and spine.

With stretchy baby wraps the fabric can be easily adjusted and pulled to the back of the knee to provide proper leg support. With soft structured carriers the seat of the carrier usually does reach the back of your infant’s knees for full support. Yet as your child grows, as the seat is not adjustable, the legs are supported less and less and the fabric no longer reaches the back side of your growing toddler’s knees. The Boba 4G carriers added foot straps feature alleviates the uncomfortable feeling of fabric digging into the back of your toddler’s hamstrings. It gives tired legs a place to rest and at the same time acts to support the legs in the physiological flexed abducted position (froglike position) which in turn naturally tilts the pelvis and aligns the spine.

Boba originally designed the carrier with added height because it is intended to support your baby through toddler-hood. As your child gets older, the extra fabric provides proper back support to the toddler and brings them closer to the carrying individual and his/her centre of gravity. In shorter bodied soft structured carriers it is more difficult to bring your child’s upper body close to you. Your only option is to crank the shoulder straps which may make the carrier tighter overall and dig into the middle of your little one’s back but not solve the problem and leave you with sore shoulders. With the Boba 4G baby carrier, parents should be able to stand naturally and never feel like they have to bend forward to compensate for the “leaning back” feeling of their toddler. The rounded top makes the adjustment more enveloping than the low square back which essentially pulls only your child’s lower body closer. The closer your little one is to your centre of gravity, the easier to carry your child.

Yes, you can nurse your baby in the Boba 4G baby carrier. Adjust the shoulder straps to lower your little one so that he can latch on. Lifting your breast helps. The extra height and width of the carrier helps make nursing more discreet.

Although the Boba can accommodate a six year old, we recommend a weight limit of 20.5Kg, or up until your little one turns four.

We recommend carrying one baby at a time, and using one Boba 4G Carrier at a time, for the safety and comfort of the carrying individual.

When first acquainting yourself with the carrier and the loading process we do suggest that you have an extra set of hands available to help. The Boba 4G Carrier is designed for you to be able to put your toddler in by yourself. You’ll be loading your little one into the carrier like a pro in no time. If you need any extra help, feel free to contact us.

The baby on the front of the box in the Aspen carrier is only 10 months old. The Boba has the widest seat of any Soft Structured Carrier out there and therefore provides a wider seat for the baby to sit in. The seat alone of the Boba 4G Carrier will provide adequate leg support until the toddler is around eighteen months. By this time the foot straps will compensate for the lack of material behind the knee and support bigger legs so that your little one’s knee is brought up to hip level. In short, your toddler will probably not use or need the foot straps until he/she is two years old.

Boba recommend machine wash cold with like colors. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. We recommend washing the wrap before use.

Boba only recommend front carrying (not forward facing) as the optimal position. It is easier to wrap, the baby goes in and out easier, it goes over both shoulders (instead of one as in side carrying), and it provides easy and discreet nursing access. It is also the safest way to carry your baby.

Since the design of the Boba wrap carrier places no pressure points on your baby (essentially the baby is wrapped to your body instead of by bearing her weight on her own pelvis), separating your infant’s legs will not harm the baby developmentally. Some doctors actually encourage keeping the baby’s hip spread apart right after birth. This position places the head of the femur (the ball) against the acetabelum (the socket), and encourages deepening of the socket, so if anything it can actually help prevent hip dysplasia. The Classic Love Your Baby Hold is appropriate for your newborn. Ultimately, it is up to you what position feels best for you and your baby. All positions on the site are safe and ergonomic from birth.

The forward facing carry in any baby carrier places pressure on the pelvis and spine. When your baby is facing forwards with legs unsupported, the baby’s back is essentially arched instead of rounded. The center of gravity is different which makes the carrier tend to compensate when walking as well. Some sites that sell baby wraps and carriers advise you to only use this hold for a limited amount of time and that no developmental damage will occur if the baby is not placed in this position for hours on end. We can’t wholeheartedly recommend this position as we believe that any pressure on little developing hips and spines is undue. Moreover, all the weight is essentially in the baby’s most sensitive place. When your baby is facing forward his legs as well are not supported. Your baby’s legs should be pulled up to a ninety degree angle. This is possible only if the fabric covers the whole back of the thigh, virtually up to the backside of the knee. It also does not provide good head and neck support, which is most desirable when your baby falls asleep. Of course it is nice for your baby to be able to see the world. However, in the front carry your baby can’t turn away if the environment becomes too overwhelming. You cannot see your baby’s face and it’s tougher to read your little one’s cues. Boba Baby Wraps do not advocate front carrying or think it is a good position for either mom or baby.

Many of the hard baby carriers, when the baby is positioned with the legs unsupported and hanging down, place too much stress on the spine. Most doctors do not recommend this position for infants, especially not for more than a couple of hours at a time. The design of the Boba Baby Wrap ensures that there are no pressure points on your baby. Your baby’s legs, hips and spine are supported. There is no limited length of time that your baby may spend in the wrap. You may carry your baby all day long if you wish with no harm to your baby’s developing body.

Boba Baby Wraps are definitely not only for model body type mums. The Boba Baby Wrap is 5.5 yards long which enables moms of all sizes to wear it – the only difference being the number of times you need to wrap it around your waist – either once, two or three times – with all of the options being as comfortable and secure. Ultimately, it’s a long piece of material that adjusts to your curves perfectly, no matter what body type you are. The wrap distributes the weight equally across both of your shoulders and your whole back while carrying your baby. It makes a big difference on your back if you are carrying your baby on only one side or on two, if there are rings or no rings, and if the material is hard versus soft. It’s nice on your shoulders and on your chest because it doesn’t dig into you. It fits virtually everyone.

Yes, baby wraps in general are different. They distribute the weight of your baby evenly. There are no shoulder straps or metal buckles, only wide, soft, sturdy fabric wrapped around your body. The Boba Baby Wrap should be wrapped tight to your body. It is not necessary to leave extra room for your baby. Wrapping it tight ensures that your baby will be carried high. Your baby’s head should be high on your chest. Making sure the wrap is not twisted or bunched up will also ensure ultimate comfort. Remember when tying the baby wrap to spread it wide over your baby’s bottom and wide over both of your shoulders. The special fabric of Boba Baby Wrap will conform perfectly your baby’s body. It truly is comfortable and great on your back without any extra padding!

Both the main competing brand and the Boba Baby Wrap are comfortable stretchy baby wraps and offer great support for carrying your little one around. They are both great on the carrier’s back as there are no pressure points on mum or baby. Both can be used from birth until toddler or as long as is comfortable for the both of you. No need to figure out how much room or slack to leave for your baby and no need to re-tie when using Boba Wrap! The main difference between the Boba Baby Wrap and the other baby wraps is in the fabric. The fabric of the Boba Baby Wrap is a heavier higher quality knit. With a greater density comes the benefits of durability, extra support, and security. It adjusts perfectly to your body with no bulges or wrinkles. The give in the fabric makes it easy to wrap so that it fits just right. There is no need to guess how much room you need to leave for your baby to fit inside for a secure fit. With other wraps it is easy to end up tying it too tight for the baby or too loose so that the baby sags. With the Boba Baby Wrap you simply tie the wrap snug against your body and no matter what body type you are, it will fit! The problem with other cotton wraps is that you have to know precisely how much room to leave for your baby to get it to fit decently. The material of other wraps is less dense than the Boba Baby Wrap, and there actually isn’t so much elasticity to it. It’s more a t-shirt kind of material that only stretches one way and bags out (like a stretched out t-shirt) after you take the baby out of the wrap, so you have to tighten it and retie it. The Boba Baby Wrap bounces back and clings to your body and your baby. Thanks to the great material, nursing your baby is not a hassle. There is no need to loosen the Boba Baby Wrap to position your baby to nurse. The material stretches easily over your chest area and your baby’s head to give you as much privacy as you need. It’s great for mothers practicing elimination communication as well, as you can take your baby out of the wrap and place her back in without a big ordeal. For mothers who have tried other wraps (especially woven wraps) tying the Boba Baby Wrap is a little different. Don’t hesitate to tie the fabric so that it actually stretches against your body. Remember that the material is actually intended to be stretched over your baby to provide extra support for the both of you.

The Boba Baby Wrap is 19 inches wide. It is made so that one size fits all.

The Boba Baby Wrap is a sturdy cotton knit called French Terry. It is 95% cotton with 5% spandex.

No. Quite the contrary. Carried babies feel secure and loved. Carried babies make confident babies. Research has shown that carried babies will become independent sooner and ask to be put down instead of to be picked up.

The Boba Baby Wrap is 5.5 yards long.  It allows adults of all sizes to use it.  If it seems that you have a little less fabric, it is safe and appropriate to tie the knot behind your back.  If you have enough fabric, you may bring it around the front and tie it on the side.

If your coat is big enough you can wear your baby under your coat. You will keep each other warm. Usually all that is necessary are some booties and a hat for your baby. A scarf for your self is a nice addition, especially if you will be nursing outside. You may also wear your baby over your coat and dress your baby in a snowsuit or a full body fleece if you wish.

You do not need to retie the Boba Baby Wrap in order to nurse in it. Many carriers claim that it is “possible” to discretely nurse. Pulling it off with grace is sometimes another thing. This is where the Boba Baby Wrap is different, thanks to the fabric. The fabric of the Boba Baby Wrap has enough give that you can easily position your baby and completely cover your baby’s head and your chest without it being too tight and awkward. You really do not need to loosen and retie the wrap in order to nurse your baby. This really helps when your little one simply wants to nurse, and does not feel like waiting for you to adjust anything or finagle around.

The Boba Baby Wrap is a higher quality fabric that is denser than the other cotton stretchy wraps on the market (i.e. the Moby or the CuddlyWrap). With the greater density comes the benefits of durability, extra support, and security. On the other hand, there is the factor of added warmth. It is 95% cotton so it is breathable and not as hot as a thick woven wrap (like a Storchenweige). I wasn’t deterred from using it in the hot desert in Egypt on a camel safari. There are many happy mothers all over the world who are wearing their babies in the summer with no problem.

Remember when tying the Boba Baby Wrap it is not necessary to leave any extra room in order for your baby to fit inside. The wrap should be tied tight. There should be no bulges or wrinkles and there should be no part of the wrap that is loose or hanging from your body. If anything, when pulled away from you the material should actually bounce back against your body.  It obviously shouldn’t be tied so tight that it is uncomfortable or that you can feel pressure anywhere. Aside from tying it tight, it helps enormously for the fabric (the “x” that is created with the wrap) to be pulled to the back of your little one’s knees. With a wider base it helps to keep your baby in place and better support your baby’s entire back, bottom, and legs. When the wrap is snug against your body and the fabric is pulled to the back of your baby’s legs, your baby will be carried high on your chest and will be more comfortable for the both of you. Another thing that you can do, especially when you are carrying a heavier baby is to be sure that you cross the wrap high on your chest. In step 5 of the basic tie, when you cross the two pieces of fabric to create the “x” that your baby is supported in, the pieces should cross each other above your sternum (where your ribs meet). Basically the higher the “x” is, the higher your baby will be carried. Some moms have written in that it helps to untie the wrap and actually tie the knot under your baby’s bottom for additional support. You should be able to climb a mountain without your baby sagging.

The main difference between the Classic and Organic collections for both the wrap and the carrier is the cotton in the fabric. The cotton used in all of our Organic products is 100% Organic Cotton. The Organic Boba Wrap still contains the 5% spandex as the Classic Boba Wrap does, however the 95% Cotton is 100% Organic.

We only recommend positions that are 100% ergonomic for both parent and child. The Boba Wrap is only recommended for use with the front carry (not forward facing) position. The Boba Carrier is recommended for both the front carry (not forward facing) position and the back carry position. The forward facing carry in any baby carrier places pressure on the pelvis and spine. When your baby is facing forwards with legs unsupported, the baby’s back is essentially arched instead of rounded. The center of gravity is different which makes the carrier tend to compensate when walking as well.

Both the Boba Wrap and the Boba Carrier are designed to fit most adults. The Boba Carrier has a waist belt that is 25 inches long and extends up to 58 inches. The shoulder straps are 20 inches and extend up to 40 inches long. The Boba Wrap is 5.5 yards long and is 19 inches wide.

All Boba Carriers and Wraps are manufactured with reputable companies located in China that adhere to strict labor laws. They also follow our strict policies regarding fair work ethics and are an integral part of the Boba Inc. family.