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Chekoh Instructions

  1. Centre the middle of the wrap under your bust with the Chekoh tag facing out.
  2. Crisscross the wrap around your back; over your shoulders and under the belt in front, ensuring the fabric is not twisted.  Apply the correct tension by pulling down on the straps to ensure a firm and high hold for your baby.
  3. Once your shoulder passes are tight enough, cross the straps at the front, wrap around and secure them with a DOUBLE knot at either the back, side or front.
  4.  Always ensure your wrap is tight so baby is held close, firm and high.  If you feel baby is not secure, safely remove him or her and tie your wrap TIGHTER.

How to place your baby in the Chekoh wrap

  1. Place baby feet first into pocket closest to your chest (with one foot through each side of the pocket).
  2. Spread fabric pocket from the back of one knee to the other to ensure full coverage of the baby and a deep wide seat.
  3. Cross the second pocket over any as per step one, also ensuring the fabric pocket reaches from knee to knee.
  4. Baby’s legs should be bent with the knees higher then baby’s bottom (‘M’ position or a deep seated squat).
  5. Pull the waistband with the Chekoh tag out from under baby, over their legs and secure high over baby’s back.  Your Chekoh tag should be centered and front facing.
  6. Ensure baby’s legs are bent at the knees higher then their bottom and that fabric pockets are covering them knee-to-knee.
  7. Ensure baby’s face is clear of fabric at all times and adhere to the T.I.C.K.S Guidelines for a safe carry.

Rings: Light weight Aluminium

Rails: Each Side running the length of your sling

Top Rail: The length positioned along the top of your babies back

Bottom Rail: The length positioned closest to your body and under baby’s bottom

Tail: The end of your sling where your pocket is located

Threading Your sling

1. Place the end of your sling in one hand and the two rings in your other.

2. Ensure the sling is not twisted and place the tail of your sling with the pocket facing upwards.

3. Pull both rinds through the desired Length.

4. Fold the tail back over the top ring and place under and between both rings and pull through.

5. Ensure the fabric is fanned out smoothly through rings with both edges of the tail (rails) on each side.

6. Your Sing sling is threaded.