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FAQ – Hug A Bub

While hug a bub® may look complicated to use, it is actually as simple as tying your shoe laces. It does take a little extra time to put on than a side sling; but those few extra seconds pay off with hours of comfortable baby carrying. We liken the hug a bub® to a hiking boot. It may take longer to put on then a sandal but you wouldn’t want to be wearing sandals walking up a mountain.

The pocketless carrier can be cooler in hot climates and is best suited for use up to about 8 months or 10kg. The pocketed wrap remains comfortable for up to 12 kg or around two years old.

While simple in appearance at a glance, the pocket component of the hug a bub® is the most complex, time consuming and costly part of manufacturing, thus the difference in price.

You simply part the front wraps that are over your baby’s body, place hands under their armpits and lift them directly upwards. The baby is always taken out of the carrier before you take it off.

There is no weight or age limit for the hug a bub because the hug a bub® carrier draws your child’s weight into your body rather than dragging from your shoulders. While it is still comfortable to carry a 2 year old child in a hug a bub® it was designed to allow parents to carry smaller infants for longer periods of time. Most infants over the age of 1 and a ½ years old no longer desire to be carried as much , so wearing periods tend to be shorter and less frequent. While the hug a bub® is most useful from birth until around 1 year, it remains comfortable for use beyond this age. Keep your hug a bub® handy though for times when your older child may be teething, unwell and clingy, or has had an injury and wanting to be held a lot. You will be amazed how comfortable it can be even with a 3 year old.

It is suitable for babies from birth age up until around 3. It is recommended for babies up to 18kg.

It is designed to fit most sizes up to and including size 18. Smaller parents may find they have extra length in the tail and may prefer to tuck it up under the baby. Hug a Bub wraps are 5.2 Meters long.

Don’t expect to be an instant expert. Just like breastfeeding, ‘babywearing’ in a sling is an art that takes a bit of patience and practice. Keep referring to your instructions for keys to correct wearing. Practising in front of a mirror can give you visual clues to what may be the problem. Try your baby in a few positions as he may have a preference, but remember his preferences may change, which is only natural. Before you know it you will be a confident and carefree sling wearer.

This will only happen if the shoulder pad is too close to the crook of your neck where your shoulder muscles join. Ensure the shoulder pad is well away from the side of your neck and the rings are below your clavicle bone, below your shoulder.

We recommend that you always wash the sling separately in cold water either by hand (or gentle machine wash), line dry in shade and warm iron to finish. To avoid getting wrinkles in between uses, gently fold sling over itself, rather than scrunching into a ball.