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Travelling with kids – avoid the mayhem with these simple tips.

First of all, travelling with a baby is not an easy feat. Some may say travelling with kids is akin to giving a speech whilst undergoing a root canal. Unfortunately our transient lifestyles mean in most circumstances it cannot be avoided, especially as we all rush around the country this week to spend Christmas with our loved ones.

I’ve sourced some super tips to keep you sane this holiday season and if all else fails there’s always wine. Such a loyal, dependant friend…..mmmm,….wine. Anyway, I digress. Back to the issue at hand. Travelling with your sticky mini humans….here we go:

1. Bright clothing – dress your escape artist in bright clothing so they can be easily spotted in the event they decide to go rogue.

2. Food ok so I know it’s not good to shove food in your bub’s mouth EVERYTIME they cry but a pack of sultanas can really save ones sanity. Especially on a flight full of grumpy travellers who don’t care that your kids don’t like being confined. Other exceptional time sucking treats include; carrot sticks for little teeth the knaw through, rice crackers, milk in bottle, boob or even sippy cups and….more ‘tanies! (sultanas).

3. Wipes – essential as you know. Hot tip – have them in every bag ready and waiting for a snot explosion, yogurt squirt or vomit. Also useful to remove sweat from upper lip as tension builds. 

4. Aps & Inflight Entertainment – ABC Kids have the BEST AP EVER. Once downloaded you have access to all the classics; Barbar, Thomas and Friends, In The Night Garden, Fireman Sam and MORE. You do need to be connected to the internet though so if you are flying you may want to look into alternative entertainment such as books, food (it’s nourishing AND entertaining – winner) and small toys. 

5. Carrying attire – this may be the most useful tip you’ll receive so scoot in close. Carrying your luggage AND pushing a pram is near impossible. Especially with the barrage of holiday travellers about. We’ve put together a list of the most useful carriers to ensure you and bubba can glide through the busiest of airports and ensure you enjoy a summer splash without a hitch:

a.The Boba Air is the perfect airport carrier. It is lightweight and folds down to fit into your handbag when not needed.

b. The Todseat Travel High Chair is an essential for travel. The tot seat is a fully adjustable easy to use seating solution for eating out with your baby. The totseat is ultra compact and can be stowed away easily in your bag. Winning!

c. All of our slings are easy to pack down for those on the move. Our top picks are the Chekoh Byron Ring Sling & the Hug-a-Bub Traditional Ring Sling.

d. The Beachfront Baby and ByKay Aqua wrap are sensational aids to get you and bubs enjoying the water together. 

6. Naps – if you can, try and manipulate your monkey’s nap time so they SLEEP in the car, on the plane, boat, train, bus, scooter….we don’t care just try and get them to nap while you’re travelling to save your sanity. 

And that’s all folks. That’s all we have. We wish you PEACE and LOVE and lots of fun times with your families this Christmas. It’s been an absolute pleasure being your baby carrying attire specialists. We hope to continue supplying your goods in the New Year. In the meantime, give your loved ones a sloppy kiss; they’re the best kind.

Love Kiley x