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My life as a Mumpreneur: baby carriers, willy’s & poo….oh my!

Mum,entrepreneur and everything in between is probably the best way you could sum up my life. I love hearing how you mamma’s manage to fit a million things in a day wanted to share my life with you.

The day usually starts at about 5.30am (thanks Hamish!) where I am awoken to the little monkey staring at me/poking me in the eyes demandingMummy wake up!’ After about 10 minutes of rolling around like a beached whale (hey, I am 30 weeks pregnant!) and sneaking in Hamish hugs, the day

Afterall the breakfast commotion ‘mummy me no want honey on TOAST, I want it on
(the joys of raising a toddler!), I start my work day.

Sometimes Hamish steps in as my assistant for the day (aka not a daycare day) and sometimes I am solo. Oh the freedom. They are the days I could move mountains! Not today though, today Hamish is my man.

My assistant Hamish

Stock control is very important here at Baby Carriers Australia. I want to ensure you have all the latest and greatest products on the market so you can step out with bub – IN STYLE! Being a licensed distributor of Moby enables me to ship
all the latest and greatest US trends your way, which is brilliant. On the other hand, our homegrown phenomenon that is Chekoh brings you the loveliest of patterned wraps. My new crush is the Kora. SO NICE!

Chekoh Black StripeThe Kora WrapClassic Moby Navy

So anyway, back to my day. My system has alerted me to the fact
our  Chekoh black stripe, which is our most popular product, is running low. Eeeeek! I’m on the phone straight away to order more for you lovely ladies. Mid-way through my convo, gorgeous little Hamish interrupts with‘Mamma, I go poo’. Lo and behold, he’s done a poo and is holding it in his hand. GIVE ME STRENGTH! So the phone call takes place while I’m removing said
poo, flushing down toilet AND cleaning poo particles off Hamish. We really are amazing aren’t we mums? And I thought I was a multi-tasker before Hamish. Ha!

Another crucial element to my business is engaging with you all via  Social Media. I feel it’s really important that we keep conversation coming both ways. I’ve just spotted an article about the recent Rachel Finch derbarkle and wanted to
hear your thoughts on the matter. I was so thrilled to see you all felt the same as I did. Let her mother the way she sees fit dammit! Tick, my customers are awesome.

Hamish is relentlessly pulling at me ‘Mummy park? Mummy PARK! Mummy PAAAAAARRRRRRKKKKKKK!’ How can I deny that little angel face? Off we go to burn some of that boy energy (mum’s of boys, you know what I’m talking about?). Swings, slides, sandpits galore. I love being able to take this time and enjoy
my boy. Nothing beats it!

Play time!

After lunch, we roll through the door and it’s Hamish’s nap time. Nap time! NAP TIME! Oh how I love thee nap time. It is the reason I remain sane – well half sane at least.

While Hamish is napping, I Fire up the computer and delegate the tasks for the day to my amazing team. All orders are processed and go through to the warehouse but I make it my business to double-check the orders online against the warehouse dispatch everyday. I can’t have you mamma’s getting the wrong products! Today has been a great day and I can see that you love the hug-a-bub wrap carriers. It’s a goodie! 8 French vanillas and 4 pistachios are on their way to you!

It’s 2pm already and I realised I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Whoops, my little babe is frantically kicking in there waiting to be fed. Banana smoothie and salad wrap I’m comin’for ya!

Hamish wakes soon after and we spend a nice 45 minutes reading his favourite stories – currently ‘Paddington Bear’ and ‘Where Is the Green Sheep’.

Then, before I know if my man-hunk of a husband walks in. YEEESSS! He’s so wonderfully supportive and generally looks after Hamish while I finish my paperwork in the afternoon. AND he makes dinner – WINNING!

After my lovingly prepared meal of salmon, steamed veges and garlic potatoes (Thank you my darling Owen) it’s bath time. We have one of those family bathrooms with a toilet in the same room. While Hamish is in the bath I go for a sneaky wee wee (multi-tasking again!). Hamish stands up aghast ‘Mummy, WHERE HAS YOUR WILLY GONE?! Daaaaadddddd, Mamma’s willy fell off again!’ Oh my.

Now here I am writing my blog with a chamomile tea, it would be wine but babies in-utero don’t really like the vino’s! That about wraps up my day. A mix of business, poo and willy’s falling off. Honestly, it sounds mad but I thrive on the chaos. I love being able to bring you the best baby carriers going, I love spending time with my little and big man and I wouldn’t change a thing. Oh well maybe I would prefer that Hamish’s poo goes in the TOILET rather than his HAND but you can’t have everything in life can you? Ha!

Love Kiley x