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The BEST Baby Carriers for Newborns

On the 27thJune, I welcomed Master Samuel George Hay into the world! A little brother for my darling Hamish and a new love for Owen & I. Check him out, I made a good one right?!

As with all birth stories, there was the usual “OMG, my water’s broken!” and a flurry of activity to get to the hospital. Delivering roadside was NOT on the agenda! After an excruciating 11 hours in labour, little Samuel graced us with his presence. Hamish was born via C-Section and I have to say now having done both, I feel sooo much better after a natural delivery! After Hamish, it took me almost 6 weeks to regain some sort of colour, I had heavy bloating from the drugs for months afterwards and breastfeeding was excruciating!

That’s not to say my ho ha isn’t sore, it is. But this time I am totally mobile, there’s colour in my cheeks, and I feel relatively normal. Well as normal as you can feel after a watermelon-sized item has made it’s way through a significantly smaller
opening. HA.

So in the midst of all my newborn, milk stained, sleepless, engorged breast madness I thought I would share my top tips for babywearing with a newborn. Honestly, I’d forgotten some of the technical difficulties that can come with a freshy. Like, BOOBS. My boobs are killing me and for that reason, right off the bat I had to go with asoft structured Manduca Carrier.

These are an excellent choice for newborns AND toddlers (up to 20KG!), which means your investment will be a long term one.It’s ideal for front, back and hip carrying and available in a wide array of colours and designs. It also has a nifty little insert just for newborns that minimises overheating. Best of all, it relieves the pressure on the back and boobies. Winning.

Now, when by boobs have settled down, I will start utilising Chekoh Wraps or MOBY Wraps too. These are ideal for quick, easy use. Bubs will sit snugly against your chest, listening to your heartbeat which automatically calms them as it mirrors what they heard while they were on the inside. These wraps are sensation

al as they fit both petite and curve-a-licious mummas. Being a tie wrap, they will adjust to you and your bubba’s changing shapes (cue shrinking boobs….one can hope!). My problem is I have access to all of their stylish designs so I can’t choose my fav! I may need to ‘road-test’ them all. Ha ha, the beauty of being the owner #gainz!

Once I get my crap together enough to go hiking again (this is one of our favourite things to do as a family), I’ll be utilising a Beco Gemini Carrier for our hiking adventures. Have you seen those?! They are the bomb for active parents. Also, Owen (the hubby), tells me they are a great choice for men as they suit his frame. So, this Mercedes of Baby Carriers has been designed to be super light weight which helps with storage in the nappy bag and they have extra strong buckles to keep bubbas comfy and secure on long walks. I’m pretty sure I’ll be choosing mesh grey colour but they also come in heaps of funky designs. And there you have it, the best products to carry your newborn baby from birth and beyond. Of course, we have heaps of other products but these are the one’s I’ll be using for
little Samuel while he’s still fresh.

I have to say though; it
IS easier the second time around minus the new mum anxiety. And thankfully I married the Crème-Della-Crème of men; my super husband Owen is AMAZING. We’ve been sleeping in shifts to get through each night and not once have I heard him complain. And he’s been taking Hamish to work here and there so I can have a toddler free hour or two. I seriously struck gold there. Owen, you are the cheese to my macaroni and I like you a lot. Ok, love you even.

Love Kiley x

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