hug-a-bub® Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier – Black

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The hug-a-bub® Certified Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier is made from the world’s highly certified organic interlock cotton and including the unique self-storing pocket. The soft, heavenly material comes in many earthly colours. These exquisite pocketed wraps pamper parent and baby in comfort and style.

  • Provides orthopaedically correct positioning, supportively cradling baby from head to toe
  • Babywearing promotes infant health, and positive physical and emotional development
  • Skin-to-skin contact promotes bonding, helps regulate baby’s metabolism
  • Certified organic cotton with maximum softness and ideal stretch for comfort and positioning
  • Suitable for babies 3.2kg – 14kg
  • 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified)

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The hug-a-bub® Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier boasts all the convenience of the wrap, is ideal for warmer weather or as a second carrier and comes at a price to delight the budget conscious.

Cold wash with like colours. Machine or shade dry.

Manufactured in accordance with World Fairtrade Organisation requirements – improving the livelihood and well-being of disadvantaged producers.


You Know Your Baby’s Being Safely Carried

 Hug-a-bub has been used and recommended by physiotherapists, childcare professionals, midwives, occupational therapists in Australia and is used in special care nurseries in Australian hospitals.


Hug-A-Bub® Supports Baby’s Delicate Neck And Spine

 The wide shoulder wraps double up to provide the most secure support for baby’s head and neck. The wrap carrier is ideal for newborns, premature and sleeping babies.


Hug-A-Bub Supports Your Back

 The hug-a-bub’s ergonomic design wraps around your torso, from shoulders to hips, reducing unnecessary strain on your shoulders, neck and back. Physiotherapists recommend hug-a-bub wrap carrier for parent with chronic back problems.


At Last! Hands-Free Baby Care

 Due to its unique wrap style, the hug-a-bub wrap carrier offers a firm and secure hold that allows you to have your hands completely free. You can even bend forward with your baby hugged close to your body.


Enjoy Peace of Mind Baby Care

 When worn correctly the hug-a-bub is one of the most secure baby carriers on the market. There are no clips or buckles that can break or seams that can come undone. It is even possible to bend over completely without fear of your baby falling out.


Breastfeed Easily and Discretely

 To discreetly and comfortably feed your baby, please sit down and ensure your baby is being monitored as you are nursing. Return baby immediately to the recommended upright position and ensure your baby is “kissable and visible” before walking around.


“The Mercedes of Baby Carriers”

That’s how our hug-a-bub® Wrap Carrier has been described. And with good reason. hug-a-bub® led the baby wrap movement in Australia and continue to be the leading wrap carrier down under. It’s been written in the Australian comedy-drama series Offspring.


Looking for the ultimate newborn carrier?

The hug-a-bub® Wrap Carrier will have profound long-term benefits for you both. This is not just a baby transportation device, the wrap carrier meets a very specific new born need for closeness and support.

Very few carriers are designed to suit newborn babies but the hug-a-bub® is safe and suitable for even the tiniest  premature baby. Perfect for kangaroo care, a mother’s body tempature will  regulate to suit what her baby needs, rising when the baby is cold, falling when the baby is hot. And your baby’s head is cradled and supported against your chest, promoting healthy spine development.


Why Compromise

Babies have many needs, as do parents. Hug-a-bub® carriers and slings are designed to be worn throughout the day so that neither of your needs have to be sacrificed. hug-a-bub® carriers allow you to be hands-free and continue to do what you enjoy to do while maintaining the sense of closeness and connection with your body. You can bring your baby everywhere and have the freedom to do so much more.

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