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Cozyfeed Adjustable Feeding Cushion

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Feeding can cause discomfort and stress.
CozyFeed has a built in mechanism that automatically adjusts, just push the button and CozyFeed will adjust itself to you, perfectly supporting your feeding arm and shoulder and easing muscle tension or shoulder pain.
Cozyfeed is designed to essentially let mum, dad or whoever is feeding or bottle feeding support the baby, while the cushion supports their arm, preventing tension and without straining upper arm, shoulder and neck muscles.
Cozyfeed adjusts with ease.
Simply press the flower valve and apply or ease pressure on the cushion to automatically adjust the height of Cozyfeed to suit your position whether using on your lap, feeding the baby on any surface, such as on the sofa, chair or bed.
Your feeding experience will be more relaxing.

Features: * Automatic button, just press and CozyFeed adjusts itself to you.
* Cover is made from soft, natural fibers.
* Cover is easily removable and machine washable.
* Light and small, take it with you wherever you go.
* Suitable for all – Mum, Dad, Grandma…


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