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Pram Rage

I will be completely honest with you, I suffer from Road Rage. I get cranky when people aren’t co-operating with me and my plans to get from A to B, so it should be no surprise I now days get a tad cranky behind the wheel of my pram. I have had issues with the public and their lack of Pram etiquette over the past few months, but
I was almost tipped over the edge recently when I went to a rather large outdoor agriculture exhibition (AGFEST). Now being a large outdoor festival I thought I would have no worries what so ever wheeling my baby around for a few
hours. I could have not been more wrong with that idea. 

Straight away I began having issues, large crowds of people stopping dead in-front of us, cutting us off and pushing in front of us. Within 10 minutes my blood pressure was pumping and I had a sore tongue from biting it so much. I know that there is a lot to stop and look at during this festival, but it was bloody impossible to get in
and out of all the different stalls with my pram, aisles weren’t big enough and I couldn’t even get my pram into ¾ of the sites. I pretty much spent the day walking up and down all the aisles and sites, looking from the outside. The only tent that I went into was the breastfeeding and parenting room that was set up perfectly, there was an abundance of chairs, change tables and room to get in and out with my pram. That room was set up perfectly, people should definitely take a page out of their book. I was very glad to get home and not be in a crowd of people behind the wheel of the pram anymore. The only thing I brought was from an outdoor stand where they polish your leather boots for you. The sales person I had just wouldn’t shut up; he was such a chatty Cathy that I brought the product just so I could leave without having my ear chewed off any further. A perfect example of where my Boba 4G carrier would have been a better option than the pram!

Back at home though, things can be just as bad: For example when you manage to be outside walking to the post office, to get some groceries or where you are going to have coffee and you get stopped by people who want to see the baby. I know they all mean well but once again they don’t really think too much about you or the baby, they pull back the shade or blanket to stare at your sleeping baby or start talking loudly about not yet seeing or cuddling the baby. They wake the poor child and then have some comment or their opinion on why the baby is upset. Not one to be backwards in coming forwards, when people stop me now and I am too busy or exhausted I simply say, you wake him, you take him. It seems to get a laugh out of people, but I must come across serious enough that they back away from the pram and let the sleeping baby lie.

I find that when I wear my baby in my Boba Carrier I am in control of who gets to touch and look and I can have him all snuggled and hidden that I can avoid the whole stress of having him rudely awoken, and I can get my jobs done faster and hassle free and without Pram Rage.