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I knew I was a parent the day the wheelie bin went out more than I did!

I always knew that having a child would change my life for the better, only now am I realising just how extreme that change has been. For a few months now, I have been a proud mumma bear to my little cub. Each day I see the changes in him, and I still watch him sleep and think to myself how lucky and blessed I am to have him. For almost 2 months now I have slowly come to grips with just how much my every day life has changed. I now appreciate the smallest things, such as having a toilet stop on my own, being able to wash my hair in the shower and stand in there for a few more minutes extra without hearing the baby cry or want a nappy change. I relish the rare chance I get to finish my cup of coffee, let alone drink it piping hot how I like it. God knows the last time I wore a full face of make up and used a brush on my hair! I still wouldn’t change a single thing!

I noticed I have become quite inventive on methods I use to get my son to sleep when he is being stubborn and won’t settle for anyone. I have tried just about everything, but finally I found a solution. I could kiss the person who brought me my Boba 4G baby carrier. My son loves going in it, I must admit I really love it too, I have lost count of the amount of times the Boba has saved my sanity and helped my baby feel comfortable, secure and go straight to sleep on the days where all he wants to do is snuggle. It’s my little lifesaver!

It got me thinking about other slight changes parents make to their lives and how this amazing journey changes everything. Before I became a mum, I knew only 50% of how life-changing being a parent is. Signs might just be a parent if…

  • 1-The wheelie bin goes out more than you do
  • 2-You skip down the isles of the supermarket like you are on a vacation when you are allowed to go to the shop alone.
  • 3- You can’t remember what sleeping past 8 am feels like
  • 4-Peeing or showering alone feels like a luxury
  • 5-You have picked a booger out of a nostril that wasn’t your own.
  • 6-You find yourself rocking backwards and forwards even though you aren’t holding a baby.
  • 7-Breakfast might just be a cold piece of toast and cold coffee.
  • 8-It takes you longer to get packed and put the kids in the car than it does to run the actual errand.
  • 9-You have to sniff your hand to confirm if it is chocolate or you missed a bit during clean up of the last nappy change.
  • 10-Your new idea of romance and foreplay is when your other half whispers “you stay in bed darling I will do the next feed.”

Even on the days where I don’t know if I have eaten breakfast or lunch, and the aroma of baby spew overpowers the smell of my deodorant, I still count my blessings and smile about this fantastic journey.