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Everyone is an expert!

From the very first moment my pregnancy was announced I have found many people have then felt it necessary to pass on opinions, judgements & tips on many varied areas.

“Use these oils/lotions on your body to prevent stretch marks, don’t eat this, and make sure you eat lots of that.” Buy this brand of nappies, dummies, pram etc. etc. It does my head in most days, and I’m sure that I will be hearing more once my little bundle of joy has finally arrived.

The one I am most hearing these past few weeks as my pregnancy is nearly finished is, “well you haven’t dropped nearly enough so you will be a while yet.”

I really can’t muster much of a response to people on this matter as my mind is screaming what the hell would you know? But my teeth are firmly planted on my tongue so I don’t offend people and I just smile and nod and I am thankful people can’t read my mind.
Chances are that I am just being a grumpy woman. My patience has grown thin as I sit home waiting for my little prince or princess to show up, slightly bored because my man is away working, and there is only so much nesting one can do.

In regards to the lightening or baby dropping conversation I do laugh as I really think that unless you are my gynaecologist and you have had a good look at my vajusta, chances are you know about as much as I do and that is ……Sweet FA! If I could be bothered I’d inform them of my last appointment and just what is happening in my pregnancy, but as I had decided months ago my information on my baby and body will be used for those nearest and dearest to me and not some Joe Blow down the street.

In my spare time at home as I’ve become increasingly impatient for my impending arrival I have read about as much material as I can on just what to expect as my final weeks progress. Still as forearmed as I feel, I know it will be nothing compared to the real thing, so I now look for other things to keep me busy.

The term that gets thrown around is nesting, I’d call it being jack-of-all-trades master of none.
I have put together baby baths and change tables, taken up crocheting; trying my hand at gardening which at 8.5 months pregnant is not an easy task, I have washed and cleaned out both cars, reorganized the babies wardrobes, always taking short cuts where ever possible to save my poor, sore, expanding swollen body.

No one has been spared my short cuts lately including my dog. Unable to pop him up in the tub anymore I have been inflicting torture on the poor lad by making him stand in the bottom of the shower when I have enough energy to be able to wash my hair and his too. I’m so glad he couldn’t talk about the harrowing experience, as I am sure he will be scarred for life. Once the door is open the poor guy heads for the hills and I don’t see him for at least an hour.

I have swapped jeans and pants for skirts or dresses with “easy access” for those ever important and increasing toilet stops. My footwear consists of flip-flops in a range of colours as basically as my days of bending down with out my basketball stomach getting in the way are long over, slip on shoes are my new best friend.

As the days are getting closer and my excitement is growing more than my stretch marks and dark circles under my eyes, I spend more time daydreaming about what those first intoxicating hours are going to be like. Not long now but it still seems so far away and not quite real.