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Baby Carriers Australia are now one of the very few stockholders of the originalMoby Wrap in Australia (yay!). We thought you may like to know more about what makes the wrap such an excellent choice so we’ve compiled a quick guide. We stockMoby ClassicMoby Organic and Moby Bamboo. What are the differences you ask? See below:


As with parenting, babywearing is a very individual thing, as unique as you and your baby. You can have more than one carrier – there are different styles for different ages and activities. We’ve developed this quick guide so you can choose which carrier suits you and your lifestyle.

  • The Moby Wrap Bamboo is ideal for newborn babies right through to toddlers (3.6kg to 13.6kg). The soft lightweight material is a blend of viscosemade from bamboo fibres and natural cotton.
  • The Moby Wrap Classic is ideal for newborn babies right through to toddlers (3.6kg to 15.8kg) and is made using soft breathable fabric – perfect for hot summer days.
  • The Moby Wrap Organic is ideal for newborn babies right through to toddlers (3.6kg to 15.8kg). The soft fabric made with organic cotton ensures a comfortable wear time and time again.



For infants, baby carriers make the transition from the womb to the outside world easier. The close contact keeps baby tucked up near mum’s beating heart and mirrors the constant motion they experienced in the womb. Ensuring they are comfy and content every step of the way. We would recommend the MOBY Wrap time and time again due to it’s versatility and the comfortable wear for mum’s, dad’s and babies alike.



Start by wrapping yourself. There is a rumour that it can take a few tries to learn to wrap, but you will soon get to know your Moby Wrap and become familiar with how tight you will wrap yourself and as baby grows you will naturally adjust for your
growing baby, wrapping for the perfect fit every time.

For newborns an inside pocket is created where the fabric comes from your shoulder and crosses your body.This pocket will hug your little one, allowing them to stay in an upright foetal position that is so important in this stage of development.

For older babies, baby comes in and sits on the X created by the crisscrossed fabric at your chest.This X cradles baby in a deep-seated position that supports the natural curve of baby’s spine and while allowing you to spread the fabric wide to reach from knee to knee.


Get Started 

Wrap yourself before putting baby in.

Newborn Hug Hold 

Little toes snuggled inside a comfy pocket.

Hug Hold 

For when those little legs want to stretch.

Hip Hold 

For the little explorer, but still visible and kissable.

Kangaroo Hold 

Perfect for skin to skin care.

Taking Baby Out 

Learn how to confidently take your little one out of the MOBY Wrap.

If you have any questions about our MOBY Wrap range, contact us [email protected]. We’d be delighted to talk you through the MOBY Wrap and work with you to find your perfect fit.

Kiley x