FAQ – Piggyback Rider

The Piggyback Rider® is ideal for children 2 ½+ yrs.  Although all children are different sizes we recommend an upper limit of 6 years old. If your child can walk up and down stairs unaided, then your child is ready for the Piggyback Rider®.

The Piggyback Rider is equipped with a child harness to ensure the safety of your child at all times. We recommend that children wear shoes while riding the Piggyback Rider®, which allows for a better grip on the bar grip tape.  If a child lifts one foot, this shift in weight will immediately be noticed by the adult, who can help reset the child’s foot on to the bar.  If one foot suddenly slips off the bar (a very rare occurrence), assist the child to put it back on.  The child harness (secured around the child’s back and under the arms) will support the child in the event that both feet slip off at the same time. In all circumstances where the foot may slip, the child typically continues to hold the child hand holds or the adult’s shoulders.

If a child lets go of both handles, they will be secured to the Piggyback Rider® by the child harness and their legs.

No. The child’s weight pushes the bar straight down (towards the ground) rather than at an angle into the adult’s back.  In addition, the bar remains against the adult; it does not repeatedly bump the adult allowing for a comfortable ride.

We recommend an easy four-step process to mount the Piggyback Rider®:

  1. Secure child harness,
  2. Connect child harness to carrier,
  3. Squat down and allow child to mount the bar,
  4. Stand up slowly.  For dismount, follow the steps in reverse.

We have several videos on our website to aid the first-time user.

Instructional videos can be found at www.youtube.com/thepiggybackrider

When not in use, the Piggyback Rider® is approximately the size of a rolled bath towel.

To jump off the bar, the child would have to push down with their arms, and hold their body weight up on the carrier. If they succeeded, the adult would instinctively guard the child by guiding them to the ground. In addition, the child harness would catch them. We suggest developing a communication strategy with your child to discuss when to get on and when to get off the Piggyback Rider®.